Oct 2017
Leica 香港f22店正式開幕
Oct 2017
Ways of Seeing﹕新銳攝影場 黃京的散漫視覺
Sep 2017
進口並出口作品 F11攜同f22放眼攝影世界 - 蘇彰德專訪
Sep 2017
A night at F22 foto space
Sep 2017
F22 Photo Space: New Angles in Life Hong Kong's Space for Photography
Sep 2017
攝影浦點 f22 foto space逛展覽揭影集 偶爾傳來咖啡香
Aug 2017
精緻畫廊藏身灣仔商廈 嘆住精品咖啡睇相展
Aug 2017
Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2017
Aug 2017
Leica Oskar Barnack Award finalists 2017
Aug 2017
Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer 2017
Jul 2017
新藝術空間 呷著咖啡看攝影 f22 foto space 試業
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F11 Foto Museum
Terms and Conditions
taking photos is permitted in our space. however, video and audio recording are not allowed

dangerous and hazardous objects as well as outside food and beverage items ar prohibited

please be quiet in our space. do not speak loudly or make sounds which may trouble other visitors

please do not run in our space to minimise any risk of injuring others or damaging artwork

smoking is not allowed inside our space

please leave umbrellas at the umbrella stands near the entrance of our space

we may refuse entry to our space any visitor under the influence of alcohol or other drugs

if the typhoon signal no. 8 or above, or black rainstorm signal is hoisted, all events on that day will be cancelled or postponed until further notice